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Khuda Buksh: Building a Legacy for Generations

Khuda Buksh: The Pioneer Life Insurance in Bangladesh is authored
by the critically acclaimed Muhammad Obaidur Rahim. Holding the Literary
Titans Gold Award 2023 and the New England Book Festival recognition with
an honorable mention, the book is only beginning to reach new levels of

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Meet the Wordsmith

Born in Kolkata, India, Muhammad Obaidur Rahim is the third son of Khuda Buksh – the senior legacy life insurance icon of the Indian Subcontinent. In 1952, he and his parents moved from their homeland to East Bengal, where he studied at St. Gregory’s High School and Dhaka College and completed his education at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. He received a Master of Technology degree in Mining from the Indian School of Mines and an MS in Mining Engineering from West Virginia University.

Rahim is a retired engineer who worked for the US Government at Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL. He has over 30 years of experience in his field, focusing on maintenance engineering, configuration management, and system design and development.

Living in Davenport, Iowa, with his wife and two daughters, Rahim spends his leisure time reading books, traveling, and enjoying sports.

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Khuda Buksh: The Pioneer of Life Insurance in Bangladesh

The book narrates the story of Khuda Buksh, the pioneer of life insurance in Bangladesh, who lived a life dedicated to his cause.
This biography reveals his tireless efforts to establish the life insurance industry in his country and overcome all cultural
prejudices. Buksh’s leadership and management style included innovative recruitment and motivation techniques.

Take a Sneak Peek Into the Book

A captivating visual journey that offers you a glimpse into the legendary role of Khuda Buksh and his dedication to the life insurance industry of Bangladesh.

Continuing Khuda Buksh’s Legacy of Compassion

Established nearly 20 years ago, Khuda Buksh Memorial Foundation seeks to continue Khuda Buksh’s legacy of compassion and giving back to those in need from the rural community. The Foundation focuses on awarding scholarships to meritorious and needy students, charitable work in lifting people, and providing for basic needs and necessities.

Khuda Buksh Memorial Foundation believes in investing in the future of individuals through education and the community. To keep his legacy alive, Khuda Buksh Memorial Library was built in 2022 to spread knowledge and information to the rural community. We are proud to continue this rich and caring legacy.

Delve into the intricacies of life insurance management with the unparalleled insight of the senior legacy insurance book “Khuda Buksh: The Pioneer of Life Insurance in Bangladesh.” Authored by the esteemed Muhammad Obaidur Rahim, the son of legacy life insurance pioneer Khuda Buksh, this literary masterpiece is set to reach new levels of success.

With his biography about Khuda Buksh, the author not only sheds light on the life of the visionary but also serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking to understand the complexities of the legacy life insurance industry.

Utilizing his learning of the historical context and his deep understanding of the evolving landscape of life insurance, Rahim presents a comprehensive narrative that is both enlightening and inspiring. Recognized for its exceptional contribution, the biography about Khuda Buksh has been awarded the prestigious Literary Titans Gold Award in 2023. This milestone underscores the book’s significance in the realm of literature and life insurance management.

Further solidifying its stand among the literary, the book has also garnered recognition at the New England Book Festival. This recognition comes with an honorable mention – a testament to its profound impact on readers and legacy life insurance experts.

As readers delve into the enlightening pages of the life insurance management book, Rahim’s exquisite words invite them to explore visionary thinking and innovative strategies that define Khuda Buksh’s pioneering efforts in shaping the life insurance landscape in Bangladesh.

Whether you are a legacy life insurance professional, a history enthusiast, or simply an avid reader, “Khuda Buksh: The Pioneer of Life Insurance in Bangladesh” offers an enriching experience that imparts valuable lessons that extend your knowledge of the industry and its pioneer.

The role of Khuda Buksh in mainstreaming life insurance in Bangladesh was massive. Sometimes referred to as the “Father of Life Insurance,” his legacy has been recorded by his son, Obaidur Rahim, in his biography “Khuda Buksh: The Pioneer of Life Insurance in Bangladesh.”

Buksh played a great role in educating the public about the benefits of life insurance and raising awareness – playing a key role in its growing popularity in Bangladesh. Fighting in a fundamentalist Islamic society where no respect was given to insurance agents was no small task, and Buksh excelled in it.

His biography includes how he educated the public, shed light on their misconceptions, and spread the insurance business by recruiting, training, and motivating young people across the country.

Taking his social and religious responsibilities seriously, the life insurance management pioneer introduced the Takaful model – an important part of today’s Islamic financial system. This way, the legendary insurance provider succeeded in promoting solidarity and mutual support from the religious communities across the region.

The endeavors Khuda Buksh partook in will never go unrecognized. How he managed to change people’s perceptions of life insurance and contributed to their financial planning was an extraordinary feat.

By emphasizing the job creation and economic growth of Bangladesh, Buksh’s dedication and educational efforts contributed widely to his country’s financial stability and growth. His legacy will live forever in the Bangladeshi public’s heart through his son’s biography about Khuda Buksh.

“Khuda Buksh: The Pioneer of Life Insurance in Bangladesh,” penned by Muhammad Obaidur Rahim, is the pinnacle of growth – teaching readers all about the rise of life insurance in Bangladesh and Buksh’s role in it.

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